2018 Janabimani Awards

Training program in India

Sales Promotion at Arpico Super Centre Galle and Matara

Opening of the New Factory and the Office

New Buyer from Montreal Canada

Oyamaduwa Temple

New product launch – Fruit basket

New product launch – Mosquito repellent

The opening of our new showroom – 2013

Religious activities

The arrival of deputy Ven.Sangaraja Thero of Thailand


Staff welfare activities

Staff religious tour to Mahiyangana

Staff religious tour to Thanthirimale

Real benefits to the real People

This is local community-based village scale product, Your purchase means a real benefit to the real people.


Honorable Speaker of the Parliament Hon. Karu Jayasuriya


Foreign buyer from China

Foreign buyers from Malaysia

Foreign buyers from Spain

Foreign buyers from Japan

Foreign buyers from Canada

Foreign buyers from Australia

Our perfume suppliers in India

International Exhibitions