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A Livelihood in an Incense Stick

Do you realize that this simple incense stick that you hold in your hand and light up at a temple has a story behind it? We, at Thai Sumeda are grateful for the great commitment that goes into creating these entities while at the same time supporting many families from various villages in Sri Lanka to make a livelihood out of this.

Our incense sticks are hand rolled by individuals who hail from villages such as Gannoruwa, Pilimathalawa, Muruthalawa, and Denipitiya from the Kandy district. There are, however, many more people from other areas who make this a way of life for them, and have been at it for years and years.

This is a community-based village scale product and your purchase means establishing the real benefit to real people. We started initially with four families in 1993 and today, this has grown to over 120 families and counting, all of whom benefit greatly from this initiative. Many of these people are women, who turn towards this activity as a means of survival for them and their families.

We purchase these incense sticks when we seek homage from the Gods we have faith in. So next time, when you light up a Thai Sumeda incense stick, remember that you are also helping to light up a number of lives with your contribution.


Eldery Home , Lunch provided from Lanka Sumeda

Wheel Chair Donation

Wheel Chair Donation

Handing Over Statioaneries and sponsoring 6 Students for the year 2021

Handed over school books, backpacks, two sets of uniforms, socks, shoes, lunch containers, incense sticks, mathematic boxes, etc.